Richard and Carol Selfridge

Selected Works



Carol Selfridge: 1948

Richard Selfridge: 1943


Selected Exhibitions

2006: International Exhibition Salzbrand, Gallerie Handerk Koblenz, Germany

2006: Atlanta Teapot Festival, The Seen Gallery, Decatur, GA

2006: Saddleback Gallery, Mission Viejo, CA

2006: Invitational, Archie Bray Foundation

2006: All About Alberta, Canadian Consulate gallery, Washington, DC

2006: Joy of the Noble Teacup: International Chawan Exhibition, Abbey of Hemiksen, Belgium

2005: The Works 20th Anniversary Exhibition, World Trade Centre, Edmonton, AB

2003: California Plates, juried, Tierra Solida: A Clay Art Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

2003: Clay Cup IX, University Museum, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

2003: Mugs and Jugs – Vessels of Libation, Alberta Craft Council, Edmonton, AB

2003: Teapots: Art and Craft, Burlington Art Centre, Burlington, ON

2003: The Mad Hatter's Tea Party, The George R.Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art Gift Shop, Toronto, ON

2003: International Macsabal Woodfire Festival Exhibition, Joryung folk art village, Chungbuk, Goesan, Korea

2003: International Wood Fire Festival Exhibition, Elm Bunka Center, Goshogawara Elm Shopping Center, Goshogawara, Japan

2003: The Works: Art and Design Festival, The Fairmont Hotel MacDonald, Edmonton, AB

2003: AMACO / Brent Invitational 2003 at NCECA, NCECA, San Diego, CA

2003: Flashes of Greatness: Wood-fired Pottery from Around the Province, Alberta Craft Council Gallery, Edmonton, AB

2002: Aomori International Woodfire Festival Exhibition, Goshogawara, Japan

2002: Japan International Exhibition Salzbrand 2002, City Museum, Gallerie Handwerk Koblenz, Germany

2002: The 14th San Angelo Ceramic Competition, San Angelo, TX

2002: The 2002 International Orton Cone Box Show, Willfredo Torres, Cuba, Mitsuro Shoji, Japan, Patti Warashina, United States, jurors, Baker University, Baldwin, Kansas, and Lawrence Art Center, NCECA, Kansas City, MO

2002: Utilitarian Ceramic National, Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, LA

2002: The Vase, Peck Gallery, Providence, RI

2002: Cup: The Intimate Object, Charlie Cummings Clay Studio, Fort Wayne, IN

2002: Our Creative Spirit, Alberta Craft Council, Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery, AB

2002: Masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance, George R. Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art Gift Shop, Toronto, ON

2002: Exhibition of Works Made at Aomori International Woodfire Festival, Tsugaru Kanayama-yaki exhibition hall, Goshogawara, Japan

2002: AMACO / Brent Invitational 2002 at NCECA, NCECA, Kansas City, MO

2002: Art / Craft: The Great Debate, Alberta Craft Council, Edmonton, AB

2002: 2002 Bowls, George R. Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Toronto, ON

2001: Painted Pots: The Art of Majolica, Vermont Clay Studio, Waterbury Center, VT

2001: 2001: Clay Odyssey, Celebrating 50 Years of the Archie Bray Foundation, Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, Montana

2001: Go Figure, Alberta Craft Council, Edmonton, AB

2001: Culture in the Making, Alberta Craft Council, Devonian Gardens, Calgary, AB

2001: A Matter of Clay, Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery, London, ON

2001: Innerscapes, Scott Gallery, Edmonton, AB

2001: 1st World Ceramic Biennial 2001 Korea, Ichon, Korea

2001: 12th Annual Teapot Show On the Road Again, Chicago, IL

2001: Cover Stories: 20th Anniversary Exhibition,  Alberta Craft Council

2000: The Millennium Platter Exhibition, CeramicArtGallery, Sydney, Australia

2000: Focus on Function: The University of Minnesota National Ceramic Biennial, Minneapolis, MN

2000: Painted Pots: The Art of Majolica, Vermont Clay Studio, Waterbury Center, VT

2000: Fireworks 2000, The Outreach Gallery, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, ON

2000: Ceramics International Juried Biennial Exhibition, Zanesville Art Center, Zanesville, OH

2000: The 2000 International Orton Cone Box Show, Baker University, Baldwin, KS

2000: Mystery of Mastery, Alberta Craft Council, Edmonton, AB

1999: Majolica and Wood Fire Summer Show, Master's Gallery, Calgary, AB

1999: Tea For the Taking, Alberta Craft Council, Edmonton, AB

1998: The 1998 International Orton Cone Box Show, Baker University Holt Russell Gallery, Baldwin, KS

1998: FIRE + EARTH: Contemporary Canadian Ceramics, Itabashi Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

1998: Vessels: Hand and Spirit, Muttart Public Art Gallery Calgary, AB

1998: Collecting Alberta Art, The Legacy, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Celebrating 25 Years, traveling, The Triangle Gallery of Visual Arts, Calgary, AB

1997: 2nd Annual Silverhawk Fine Crafts Internet Exhibition, juried award winner, Taos, NM

1997: Fifth Annual Teapot Invitational, Craft Alliance Gallery St. Louis, MO

1997: Of Bouqetieres and Jardinieres, George R. Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Toronto, ON

1997: Teapots 8, invitational, Gallery Alexander, La Jolla, CA

1997: The Pleasures of Still Life, Front Gallery Edmonton, AB

1996: Eleventh Annual National Ceramic Competition, San Angelo Museum of Fine Art, San Angelo, TX

1996: Exploring Earthly Delights: Mundane and Beyond, Alberta Craft Council, Edmonton, AB

1996: Staff Show, Fireworks Conference, University of Alberta Extension Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1995: Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Award, juried, Auckland, New Zealand

1995: Featured Artists – Selfridges, Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery Waterloo, ON

1995: New Stories – Some About Paradise, Lynda Greenberg Gallery, Ottawa, ON

1994: International Biennial de Ceramique, Vallauris, France

1994: Canadian Decorative and Contemporary Craft Exhibit, Charles Levitan Gallery, New York

1994: Alberta Made Home, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB

1994: Artistic Contemporary Craft, Owl 57 Gallery, New York, NY

1993: Eighth Annual Ceramic Competition, San Angelo Museum of Fine Art, San Angelo, TX

1993: Maioloica, The Farrell Collection Gallery Washington, DC

1993: Ideal Home, Earl’s Court, London, England

1992: Seventh Annual National Ceramic Competition, San Angelo Museum of Fine Art, San Angelo, TX

1992: Bowls, Functional and Nonfunctional, Galerie Barbara Silverberg, Montreal, QC

1991: Vases, Gallery Lynda Greenberg, Ottawa, ON

1991: Vessels from Three Provinces, Front Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1990: Tea Party, Ontario Crafts Council, Toronto, ON

1988: Going for Gold, Winter Olympics, Calgary, AB

1987: Majolica Terracotta Vessels, Gallery of BC Ceramics

1986: Alberta Clay Comes of Age: Studio Ceramics in Alberta III, 1964–1984, traveling, Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Alberta Potters Association


Selected Collections

Alberta Foundation for the Arts
Alberta Federal and Intergovernmental Affairs
Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, MT
British Petroleum
Burlington Art Gallery
Claridge Collection, Montreal, QC (Bronfman Foundation)
Government of Canada, External Affairs, Office of the Chief of Protocol
Northwestern Utilities
Prime Minister of Canada – Jean Chretien
The Westin Hotel
Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, MN
His Imperial Highness Prince Takamado, Japan
Alberta Teachers Association
Steelcase Corporation
Canadian Public Relations Society
Edmonton Art Gallery

Artist Statement

"Our way of creating the large illusionistic pots could best be termed constructivist with ready-mades. By press moulding we make round and oval discs, which are then cut and altered, stacked and joined to form segmented pots. By using ovals cut on the bias, we can get gestural pots with a lot of movement. We like the way they look much like a pot in a painting by Matisse or Braque or Picasso. With their cut-down front rim and slightly comic handles, they become a kind-spirited caricature of historic “real” pots.

We are interested in painting flat things to look round and round things to look flat. These pots are about perception; that is, those visual clues that let us know the nature and dimension of things. With colour, pattern, figure/ground, shading, silhouette and by using many “universal referents”, we create visual gaps that the viewer fills up with their own constructed reality.

Our pots usually have an illusionistic pot or a pot-on-a-pot “front” side and the reverse side often becomes a shaped canvas for a figurative/narrative glaze painting. With figurative, classical and humorous imagery, we try to join the gestural quality of drawing and painting with the innate gesture of ceramic vessels. These vessels present the viewer with the ambiguity of classical themes and contemporary painting." - Carol & Richard Selfridge