Yuriko Kitamura

Selected Works



Born: Hokkaido, Japan


Selected Exhibitions

2012: Fusion: Line & Land, Scott Gallery, Edmonton, AB

2008: Fusion, Scott Gallery, Edmonton, AB

2008: International Figure Exhibition, Leighton Art Centre Calgary, AB

2006–07: Common Ground, ASA, MSA joint traveling exhibition, AB and MB

2003: Journey, Scott Gallery, Edmonton, AB

2002: McMullen Gallery, University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton, AB

2000–02: Bridging a New Century, ASA 70th Anniversary travelling exhibition, AB

2000: McMullen Gallery, University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton, AB

2000: The Works International Visual Arts Festival, Edmonton, AB

2000: Scott Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1998: Process, Kensington Gallery, Calgary, AB

1996: Process, Kathleen Laverty Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1995: Growing Well, McMullen Gallery, WC MacKenzie Health Sciences Center, Edmonton, AB

1994: Spring Florals, Horizon Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1994: New Works, Kensington Fine Art Gallery, Calgary, AB

1993: Instructors' Exhibition, U of A, Extension Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1992: Artist In Wilderness, Provincial Museum of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

1991: Visions, Alberta Society of Artist, Japan Tour, Edmonton, AB

1990: View From Alberta, Muttart Art Gallery, Alberta Tour

1989: Winter Shadows, Kensington Fine Art Gallery, Calgary, AB

1987: Scenes From Alberta, Tomakomai Gallery, Kokkaido Minato Gallery, Ginza, Japan

1986: Royal Institute of Painting in Watercolour and Federation of Canada Artists Travelling Show, Vancouver, BC, Seattle, WA, London, England

1984: TH Morgan Fine Art, Edmonton, AB

1983: Oppertshauser Gallery, Stony Plain, AB

1981: Land And Floral, Fireweed Gallery, Edmonton, AB


Selected Collections

Alberta Foundation for the Arts
Alberta Culture, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Canadian Western Bank
Cross Cancer Institute Edmonton, AB
Edmonton Journal, Edmonton, AB
Alberta House, Hong Kong
Misericordia Hospital, Edmonton, AB
Stony Plain Multicultural Heritage Centre, Stony Plain, AB
Suncor Corporation
University of Alberta, Health
Sciences Centre, Edmonton, AB

Artist Statement

"Life is like a river

tiny stream  flows  towards the ocean, merging

and changing as it moves along,

then it evaporates, and becomes rain  nurturing all matter.


The process of creative painting is like a journey through the river"


-Yuriko Kitamura