Kelly Krueger

Selected Works



2001     Master of Fine Arts, Painting
             University of Alberta, Edmonton AB

1999     Bachelor of Fine Arts
             University of Alberta, Edmonton AB


2001     Mary Louise Imrie Graduate Student Award
             University of Alberta, Edmonton AB 

1999     Master of Fine Arts/Master of Design Scholarship
             University of Alberta, Edmonton AB 

1999     Graduate Studies and Research Scholarship
             University of Alberta, Edmonton AB

1998     Florence Andison Friedman Award (Painting)
             University of Alberta, Edmonton AB



2007     Emma Lake Artists' Workshop, Emma Lake SK

1995     Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus (Oil Painting)

1995     Alberta College of Art, Natural Dyes - Bill Morton

1986     Shodo private school (by invitation), Osaka, Japan



2010     Instructor, ART 395 Introduction to Visual Art
             University of Calgary (Old Sun Campus)

2002     Instructor, ART 110  Drawing, Department of Outreach
             Grand MacEwan College, Edmonton AB

2002     Instructor, ART 311 Oil Painting
             Department of Fine Arts, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB

2001     Instructor, ART 310  Acrylic Painting
             Department of Fine Arts, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB

2008     Juror, Art Without Borders
             Lloydminster AB

2008     Presenter, Van Gogh's Poetic Ecdysis
             Aperion Society (Practice of Philosophy), Calgary AB             



2015    Brainstorms: UAlberta Creates, Enterprise Square Galleries, Edmonton AB
2014    Panforte 2, Scott Gallery, Edmonton AB
2013    River Rime, Scott Gallery, Edmonton AB
2012    Winter's Edge V, The Edge Gallery, Canmore AB
2011    Landscape Particula, Open Studio Gallery, Calgary AB
2010    The Summer's Edge, The Edge Gallery, Canmore AB
2009    The Collective, The Edge Gallery, Canmore AB            
2009    The Poet's Garden, The Edge Gallery, Canmore AB
2008    Catalogue of Trees, The Art Ark Gallery, Kelowna BC
2008    Art in the Hangar VIII, City Center Airport, Edmonton AB
2007    Fielding the Familiar, Elevation Gallery, Canmore AB  
2007    Intangible Notions, Elevation Gallery, Canmore AB                      
2006    Essential Expanse, Elevation Gallery, Canmore AB
2006    Unplugged, Elevation Gallery, Canmore AB
2005    Painting Alberta, FAB Gallery, Edmonton AB                                   
2004    Autumn Bluff, Open Studio Gallery, Bragg Creek AB
2003    Art in the Hangar, Municipal Airport, Edmonton AB
2003    Recent Works, Brine Gallery, EAG, Edmonton AB
2002    Standing Room Only, Keyano College, Fort McMurray AB
2001    Interleaves, FAB Gallery, Edmonton AB
2001    Fast Forward II, FAB Gallery, Edmonton AB
2001    Standing Room Only, SNAP Gallery, Edmonton AB
2000    Fast Forward, FAB Gallery, Edmonton AB
1999    Terrena, Heritage Cultural Center, Lloydminster AB
1999    Myriad, Profiles Gallery, St. Alberta AB
1999    What's New '99, Brine Gallery, EAG, Edmonton AB
1999    Last Scene, FAB Gallery, Edmonton AB
1998    10 Pin, Harcourt House, Edmonton AB



Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Edmonton AB
INTUIT Canada, Edmonton AB
Roswell Petroleum, Calgary AB
Mount Royal University, Calgary AB
University of Alberta, Edmonton AB
Aspen Properties, Calgary AB

Numerous private collections across Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Artist Statement

Nature is most often the immediate source of inspiration for my works; specific places, particular elements of the landscape, and processes such as growth, metamorphosis, and regeneration. I spend a great amount of time immersed in natural environments. Many of my works can be traced back to outdoor excursions.

Art thrives in the realm of the inarticulate. It illuminates by sparking recognition.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -Kelly Krueger, December 2012


Abstraction has always been the cornerstone of my visual arts repertoire. My artistic concerns are rooted in color and composition but ultimately reside in the intense process of fusing tactile material with ethereal inspirations. The opportunity to evoke new visual experiences rather than to simply interpret those which already exist continues to fuel my desire to paint and make art.

Whether through painting, drawing, printmaking, collage or mixed media, I aspire to participate in the cycle of regeneration and renewal of those ancient artistic precepts; beauty and truth.                                                                             -Kelly Krueger, 2013