Loretta Kyle

Selected Works


Loretta Kyle was born in Hemmingford Quebec and currently resides in Bonnyville Alberta.  Her background in biological sciences informs her intuitive response to her materials: she has been scultping full time since 1997 and has exhibited throughout Western Canada as well as Toronto.

"It is hard to say how long a piece takes. Some pieces are inspired and only take a very short time and others I have to labour over. Sometimes I think about a piece for a year before I start to carve the stone and sometimes I get stuck on a problem half way through and have to leave it until I figure it out. So to answer the question, it can take me anywhere from one day to two months to a year. It all depends on the size and hardness of the stone, the depth of detail and the artistic inspiration."

To see some photos of Kyle's process click here.


Artist Statement

I am all about stone.

Perhaps I envy its ability to be

Strong and brittle

Hard and soft

Abrasive and silky smooth

Utilitarian and soulful

Abundantly ordinary and exotically beautiful

Oxidizingly dull

Vibrantly colourful





I am happiest when I have stone in my hands. I am driven to seek it out, touch it, explore it, carve it. I believe that stone is as essential to our lives as water and air. Stone teaches patience, to think before acting or speaking. Its hardness slows me down, grounds me. Birds represent every human emotion from absolute revulsion to utter awe. I enjoy freeing them from blocks of stone.

As a medium, the beauty of each stone compels the viewer to look closer. The emotion of the form leads to self-exploration, which I believe to be the purpose of art. When my sculpture elicits a spontaneous reaction, I know I have used my life well.