Yuriko Kitamura

Selected Works


Yuriko Kitamura is a watercolour artist, specializing in mixed-media painting on rice paper and in Japanese-style inked-brush drawings. Kitamura was born on the northern island of Japan, Hokkaido. She emigrated to North America in 1963, then settled in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in 1967. She began exhibiting her works in the late 1970's. Yuriko pioneered the technique of dye painting on rice paper and taught this method for 14 years at the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension.

Artist Statement

Life is like a river – a tiny stream flows toward the ocean, then evaporates, becomes rain, nurturing all matter. The process of creative painting is like a journey through a river.

Although I am known for developing dye painting on rice paper, a studio technique, my primary work is done on location in watercolour and pencil sketch.Despite the physical and visual demands, nothing can replace the sense of wholeness nature provides – the smell, sound and tranquility.When I concentrate on painting, I am completely absorbed in my surroundings – then my mind and nature become one.

What more can I ask?

“The qualities of simplification, decorativeness and serenity are the most salient forces influencing Japanese art throughout its history”, states David Kung in the contemporary artist in Japan (1966).