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Tim Rechner | war. now and before. | opens Oct. 17

Tim Rechner | war. now and before. | opens Oct. 17

Sand and Sky | Opening July 11

Sand and Sky | July 11 - July 31, 2020



Andrea Kastner: The Edges of Things

Join us in April 2019 for an upcoming solo exhibition of new paintings by Andrea Kastner.

In the summer of 2018, Kastner created a suite of paintings at a landfill in Haliburton, Ontario:

"Sitting on the side of a hill made of the accumulated decades of refuse, painting the landscape of our unwanted goods, I was thinking of the way these mountains of stuff are an accidental construction of our times, a shadow city built beside the one we live in. On one hand is the urban landscape built with the things we chose, and here was the landfill, carved by the negative space of our desires."

Lynn Malin: Solo Exhibition

Join us in May 2019 for an exhibition of new drawings and paintings by Lynn Malin.

Lynn Malin is an artist living and working in Edmonton Alberta and Jasper Nation Park. She is a painter and creator of public art installations.

Malin’s practice comes from the tradition of still life painting and site specific landscape painting; she also creates medium and large scale abstraction paintings on lexan (a transparent film). These works incorporate drawing, printing and printing, based on aerial perspectives and maps of land use.

Brad Necyk: Solo Exhibition

Brad Necyk: Solo Exhibition

Join us in June 2019 for an exhibition of new works by Brad Necyk.

Brad Necyk is a Canadian visual artist and teacher working through the mediums of drawing, photography, video, film, sculpture, and performance.

Over the past four years, Necyk has been co-creating art in collaboration with people living with illness in communities across Canada. He has been working with recent transplant patients, head and neck cancer patients, suicide survivors in the Arctic, and psychiatric patients at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.